with loving resentment

March 1, 2012

I want to break this promise
renounce this responsibility
that you’ve chained around my neck
I resent you so much I can taste it
all you do is take
and transgress my feeble boundaries
with hurricane caresses
and carcrash choices
that derail my tightrope locomotive
and spin me out of control
barging through my quiet life
with cymbals and
you smoke all my stash
and whine for more
and don’t you get tired
of me
why don’t you get tired of me
i’m always saying the same things
and crying the same complaint
i can’t ignore you
but i want to


i didn’t forget u

April 1, 2011

i didn’t forget u
i wouldn’t forget u
i couldn’t forget u
i carry u every day

u speak when i talk
u r in the books that i read
and the tears that i cried
u r in my smile
u r inside my walk
along every mile

in the rain i hear u laughing, asking
does a raindrop remember it’s a raindrop
after it falls into the ocean?
and i don’t know how to answer
but u know better than i do anyway.

happy birthday, love

January 24, 2011

you become yourself
supernovae transmutate
hot alchemy fire

open secrets

October 15, 2010

sometimes I speak crazy truth
into the open air
just to hear what it sounds like

I tell all the secrets you want to know
the mysteries that make curiosity itch
and wonder stretch wide

everything explained plainly
shriven of equivocation or coy dodges
and then I forget what I just said

Remember, remember the eleventh of september
Al Qaida tore the towers down
and the blue sky season
saw a sacrifice of free sons
to never be forgot.
Al Qaida Al Qaida ’twas their intent
To undo our government
and let armageddon unfurl
across the entire world;
For God’s sake the firemen climbed
beyond rescue; the hour chimed
then terror and grief consumed the fire
then ashes and dust, smoke from the pyre
And lo, our banner still waved, still waved.

sacred blue

April 19, 2010

Such a deep sky morning
with cloudless electric
pure cerulean gleam,
the sky of a green waterworld
in a placid loop around a yellow primary;
one of the rarest sights in the galaxy.
Methane orange sunsets
sulfur yellow clouds
empty black horizons
are far more commonly found.
Rainbow aurora of rare radiance
dance in magnetic contortions
enveloping the shielding sky
reflecting violent radiations.
What a surprise to see it there.

bells in snow

February 21, 2010

rachmaninoffs tears
rings over distant mountains
pealing bells in snow

goodby 2 wendy

December 17, 2009

Now my eyes are wet too and
I have to tell you that
I love you as perfect as I can,

with a pure joy of soul that
makes poetry butterflies out and
purple kindglow in,
and it tells me that being on this Earth
at the same time as you
is my favorite thing about the world,
and that it is enough for me
that you are happy
wherever you are on it;
I cannot be so greedy
as to wish you here
with all the other
lost boys and pirates

end (elegy for brian)

April 16, 2009

gasping confused regret
choking on disconsolate sorrows
reaching for more tomorrows
but grasping at nothing
but a final dilating stare
fixed firmly on oblivion

his laughter is gone with
the blush from his cheeks
he left a corpse cooling
and enigma questions
and terrible empty
memory silhouettes of him

warn and beg, steal and borrow
they put everything there is
into his account of tomorrow;
offhandedly wasted before it began
he never saw the life he held too
casually slipping from his hand

because u said u missed it
because u called me when i
asked u 2 & because i can
here it is again
all 4 u
always 4 u
4 u again & again & ever again